General Information

Full Name Samuel Evan Ross
Languages English (Native), French (Working Proficiency)
Citizenship United States


  • 2021 – 2025
    B.S. in Mathematics and Economics
    Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania
    • GPA: 3.96
    • Major GPAs: 4.0
    • Selected Coursework:
      • Abstract Algebra
      • Advanced Microeconomics
      • Intermediate Macroeconomics
      • Linear Algebra
      • Machine Learning
      • Multivariate Statistical Analysis
      • Political Economy
      • Real Analysis
    • Athletics: Varsity Cricket Team


  • Jun – Aug 2023
    Intern, Stress Testing Research Section
    Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Washington, D.C.
  • Mar – Aug 2022
    Research Assistant to Professor Carola Binder
    Department of Economics, Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania
    • Magazine Article: Wrote a critique of the Bank of England’s 2022 economics explainer Can’t we just print more money? which was published in Central Banking magazine in collaboration with my supervisor and a co-worker.
    • Price Controls Book: Synthesized research and contemporary sources into succinct reports used to write passages for a forthcoming book about historical price controls.
    • NGDP Expectations Study: Replicated my supervisor’s project on consumer NGDP expectations. Included running OLS regressions and rolling correlations in Stata and sourcing data from the Michigan Surveys of Consumers database.
    • Central Bank Communications Project: Evaluated speeches by Federal Reserve leaders to identify biased or partisan language for a study investigating central bank communications.


  • Oct 2021 – Now
    Founder & Co-Head
    Haverford Economics Research Club
    • Covid Reopening Research Project: Head a team extending an NBER Working Paper by Raj Chetty. Evaluate the impacts of varied Covid reopening policies on macro indicators with panel regressions and synthetic controls, using Stata and R. Presented this work in a joint University of Gottingen and INET-YSI replication webinar series in November 2022.
    • Database Creation: Built a Python web scraper that crawls New York Times archives for data on Covid reopenings and organizes them into a database.
    • Academic Community Building: Plan, promote, and host public talks where alumni in economics, public policy, or central banking present academic research. Lead journal readings to examine developments in economic literature.
    • Career Development: Provide professional development activities for students curious about research in economics and finance. Tutor members in R, Stata, and Excel, and mentor them in networking and career planning.
  • Aug 2021 – Now
    Founder & Co-Head
    Haverford Problem Solving Group (Math Club)
    • National Competition Performance: Facilitated Haverford’s record top-20 placement in the 2021 Putnam Competition by organizing, advertising, and leading weekly competitive mathematics training events.
    • Accessible Pedagogy: Foster a diverse and inclusive mathematical community by writing themed problem sets in LaTeX that draw questions from varying subdisciplines and a wide range of difficulties.
    • Responsible Financials: Manage a club budget used for event registration, travel, and supplies by maintaining expense records. Communicate regularly with the math chair to ensure spending conforms with department guidelines.
  • Aug – Dec 2021
    ADS Notetaker for MATH H215 (Linear Algebra)
    Haverford Office of Access and Disability Services
    • Real-time Academic Writing: Typeset real-time notes in LaTeX for disabled students in Haverford’s linear algebra course, translating abstract mathematical and statistical concepts into concise reports with custom graphics.

Skills and Awards

  • Awards: Class of 1896 Prize in Mathematics
  • Programming Languages: HTML, Java, LaTeX, Mathematica, MATLAB, Python (incl. TensorFlow, Keras, sklearn), R, Stata, SQL
  • Tools: Google Workspace, Git, Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., Excel, Powerpoint, Word), Unix, Tableau, Vim, Zotero